Our Philosophy

If you are looking for an agency that will treat you like their next stream of income, then Monkeys at Work is not the place for you.

We are dedicated to treating each client like family. A family that trusts each other, respects each other and ultimately stays together.

We completely break the general agency rules. Our goal is to remain wholesome. In a world where there is competition around every corner, we want to provide a safe space where you can build your online business  with a trustworthy agency.

Just have a conversation with us and you will quickly see how we are significantly different than any other agency that you have worked with.

Monkeys at Work has been built through a variety of different inspirations. From favourite artists to tying in to the personality of the CEO. The CEO is me, Angelique Roussos and it is a pleasure to meet you. As you can probably take a guess, Andy Warhol is one of my biggest inspirations to name a few. I love the vibrant colors of his art work and I love how he has turned simple images and portraits and made them timeless.

Another inspiration of mine is Stan Lee. Another icon that was so dedicated to his creativity that he created characters that will carry his legacy for decades to come.

The common factor here is, Im inspired by the idea of creating something meaningful and to create experiences with my clients that will leave a lifelong, amazing memory in their lives.