How I Blasted Through Fear


There’s just so much going on in everyone’s life:
school, work, family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, social life..
This list can go on forever so we’ll leave it to a mutual understanding between all readers. Bottom line is that it is very easy to become preoccupied with things that maybe aren’t quite relevant to anything.

I could have easily been the poster girl for laziness, putting every possible thing before what was important. I always had an excuse as to why I just needed to sit back and relax. This was no reflection on how I felt about Web Development and I never doubted my passion. That is part of what helped me break through my silence.

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Is it Love?

Your body heat it keeps me warm
No summer still for months here
But with someone so pure I have nothing to fear
Because a moment in your presence brings me into an eternal bliss
How can something so amazing be so natural and effortless?love
Your beauty embraces the world as you share inspiration with every breath you take
I was lucky enough to receive such a rare gift in my life and now I feel so awake.
Ready to achieve my highest aspirations and most daring dreams
Without hesitation of possible failure
With you by my side I feel confident to go to all extremes

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