Still Cool Breeze

It doesn’t matter the season,
where you are or who surrounds you;
It cannot be taken away from you,
Nor can it be bought or even turned against you.
Most importantly, it will never judge.
And that is the beauty of nature’s precious gift.

That moment when you’re lying in bed,
with your window slightly opened.
The whistling of trees,
while you walk through the park.
Even when you’re relaxing on the beach,
as the waves’ momentum pushes it through you.

It can be any other instances you might cherish.

I’m talking about the still cool breeze,
so peaceful and undetected until it reaches your face.
The sudden impact alleviates any bad thoughts or frustrations,
Allowing you to breath it in and instantaneously feel a sense of relief.

Nothing gets in the way of you or your thoughts.

If you’re bold enough, you might turn off any distractions;
Letting yourself get lost in nature’s bliss.
The sound of “nothing” is absolutely amazing.

These moments do not ask for anything in return, but only can we fully indulge in them by opening our minds to things that are natural and pure.
The moments we can enjoy without being in any sort of debt,
The rare delights we must forever treasure.

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