9.5 Solutions for a First Time Entrepreneur

There are so many articles out there telling you what mistakes to avoid, but what about solutions? In my personal opinion a “Don’t-do” list makes me paranoid that I’m constantly doing something wrong, and maybe I’m not the only one. So! What I’m going to do is give you solutions for when you find yourself having a rough time.

1. Be Productive, Not busy

“Aren’t they the same thing?”, nope! Being busy brings on stress, you rush, and in turn not completing tasks to the best of your abilities. Being productive means allocating your time properly and allowing maximum performance. If you’re trying to start something on your own like I did, it’s essential you follow these next points.

1.1 Keep a schedule

No need to get too fancy here, buy yourself an agenda or if you have trouble following that, use the calendar on your phone to set up your tasks for the day. The main idea is to have your schedule where it would grab your attention and remind you to stay on track. I have mine set up on my Ipad  & computer because I’m on those all day. I set up alarms for each task 15 minutes before it’s time to start so I can wrap up the previous task. Although it’s easy to set up a schedule, it takes discipline to follow it and respect it. It took me a while but after doing it consistently it became a simple routine to follow.
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How to Stop Over-Thinking and Gain Motivation

Let’s Gain Motivation!

Hello! Today I will be using my own personal experience to help people figure out how to stop over-thinking and gain motivation.If someone was giving out awards for over thinking, I could build my very own trophy room. Although it’s not something to be proud of now is it? You have a million ideas going through your mind but nothing being resolved.

Every one of us has a dream to follow but not many people know how to go about it successfully. There are always things that get in the way from where we are to where we want to be:

Self Doubt

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If I want to become an entrepreneur, where do I start?

Time to build your path as an entrepreneur!

The path to becoming an entrepreneur is tricky business, you have a lot to consider before starting on this path. First you have to think. “Why do I want to become an entrepreneur?”. If your answer is “Well I read this article about how a guy made $847,563  in only 6 months. Now I’m going to do the same!”, please, stop yourself there. Success stories are great for inspiration but don’t try to follow in their footsteps. I’m Not saying this because I don’t think you can do it, but because you have to have a clear vision of your own goals. These stories are great to learn from, analyze, take notes, and apply some aspects to your own plan, just don’t get too caught up in the big juicy number in the headline ! The magic behind being successful is very simple, develop on your passion. Continue reading “If I want to become an entrepreneur, where do I start?”

How I Blasted Through Fear


There’s just so much going on in everyone’s life:
school, work, family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, social life..
This list can go on forever so we’ll leave it to a mutual understanding between all readers. Bottom line is that it is very easy to become preoccupied with things that maybe aren’t quite relevant to anything.

I could have easily been the poster girl for laziness, putting every possible thing before what was important. I always had an excuse as to why I just needed to sit back and relax. This was no reflection on how I felt about Web Development and I never doubted my passion. That is part of what helped me break through my silence.
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Is it Love?

Your body heat it keeps me warm
No summer still for months here
But with someone so pure I have nothing to fear
Because a moment in your presence brings me into an eternal bliss
How can something so amazing be so natural and effortless?love
Your beauty embraces the world as you share inspiration with every breath you take
I was lucky enough to receive such a rare gift in my life and now I feel so awake.
Ready to achieve my highest aspirations and most daring dreams
Without hesitation of possible failure
With you by my side I feel confident to go to all extremes

Still Cool Breeze

It doesn’t matter the season,
where you are or who surrounds you;
It cannot be taken away from you,
Nor can it be bought or even turned against you.
Most importantly, it will never judge.
And that is the beauty of nature’s precious gift.

That moment when you’re lying in bed,
with your window slightly opened.
The whistling of trees,
while you walk through the park.
Even when you’re relaxing on the beach,
as the waves’ momentum pushes it through you.

It can be any other instances you might cherish.

I’m talking about the still cool breeze,
so peaceful and undetected until it reaches your face.
The sudden impact alleviates any bad thoughts or frustrations,
Allowing you to breath it in and instantaneously feel a sense of relief.

Nothing gets in the way of you or your thoughts.

If you’re bold enough, you might turn off any distractions;
Letting yourself get lost in nature’s bliss.
The sound of “nothing” is absolutely amazing.

These moments do not ask for anything in return, but only can we fully indulge in them by opening our minds to things that are natural and pure.
The moments we can enjoy without being in any sort of debt,
The rare delights we must forever treasure.